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How does DriveOns work?

Businesses that usr DrivOns Create virtual areas (geofences) your town or city which they populate with exclusive offers and promotion. When you find business geofences, DrivOns uses the location awre services on your mobile device to confirm your location. By consistently entering the same geofences you will eventually earn enough points to redeem exclusive DrivOns offers and promotions for your favorite businesses.


Earn Rredeemable points by doing nothing!

Once the application is downloaded onto your mobile device just go about your day as normal. Go to work, stay at home, or go on a walk at the park that’s all you have to do to earn points for exclusive offers from DrivOns.


The best rewards for you.....period

Because DrivOns enhances business loalty programs they are able to save money. this money is then put back into DrivOns in the form of exclusive rewards to you. Which in return enhances DrivOns and creates a progressive cycle that benefits everyone......

and with DrivOns Achievements you can upgrade your exclusive perks as you become more active in the DrivOns community.


Share your exclusive rewards with your friends!

DrivOns allows you to gift your unique rewards to friends or strangers so that they can enjoy a business product or service that you yourself may not need.